GE Appliances Products



If you’re tired of taking out bag after bag of messy garbage, you’ll love the convenience of a GE Profile™ Series trash compactor.

Subcategory: Garbage Disposals, Trash Compactor

GE’s dishwashers offer a variety of advanced features that work in harmony to tackle your dirtiest dishes.

Subcategory: Dishwasher
Type: Compact, Portable, Under Sink, Undercounter

Choose a GE water filter for great tasting water. Enjoy the clean, refreshing taste of bottled water right at your kitchen sink.

Subcategory: Water Treatment

GE microwave ovens offer a multitude of installation and cooking options.

Subcategory: Microwave Oven

The design possibilities in your kitchen are almost endless with GE ranges, ovens and cooktops.

Subcategory: Cooktop, Oven, Range

All GE refrigerator models, like french door refrigerators offer sophisticated style and all the function you’ll ever need.

Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer

Compliment your kitchen with GE’s new vented and non-vented range hoods that help remove heat, moisture, food odors and more.

Subcategory: Exhaust Vent/Range Hood

At GE, we work hard to make our washers & dryers more efficient, with advanced technologies and superior settings.

Subcategory: Dryer, Washer

Heating & Cooling

With dozens of ENERGY STAR® qualified models, GE wall air conditioners and window air conditioners are among the most energy-efficient air conditioners available.

Subcategory: Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers/Humidifiers


GE whole house water filter systems and water softeners help reduce scale buildup, making tubs, showers and sinks easy to clean. You will also enjoy the look and feel of fabrics that are soft, clean and long-lasting.

Subcategory: Water Softening