Kleer Lumber Products


Kleer Lumber

Category: Lumber & Engineered Wood
Subcategory: Specialty Wood

Kleer's expanded, rigid PVC trim products looks, feels and works like wood but outperforms wood in so many ways.

Category: Moulding & Millwork
Subcategory: Moulding, Mounts, Post Wrap, Trim
Material: PVC

Kleer is expanded, cellular PVC that looks and works like wood but has unique physical properties that make it a better choice than traditional wood for most exterior non-load bearing applications.

Category: Siding & Exterior Trim
Subcategory: Trim
Material: PVC, PVC / Vinyl

Kleer offers an array of weather-ability features not found in any known woods. Kleer has a unique and unparalleled range of physical properties, with a texture and uniformity that make it the next generation of exterior trim.